Jul 29, 2011

5 Designer ideas to update your kitchen.

When you want to add a little bit of glamour to your kitchen, try these ideas:

1) Use a detailed edge on your counters. Whether you elect to use a double rolled edge of stone on the island, or a beefy 2" edge to your quartz, the look will be elegant and dramatic. 

2) Dim all of your lights. Place all recessed and other fixtures on dimmers so you can create ambiance when all of your prepping is over.  

3) Build your electronics in. Add receptacles, cables, etc.. in for laptops, phone charging and TV and video watching. Having them in a central location can assist with homework, cooking practice and on-line research.

4) Add furniture touches to your cabinets.  By upgrading basic cabinets with details like scroll legs, inlays, and veneers will enable the kitchen to blend more seamlessly into your decor.

5) Provide glamour with lighting and fabrics.  Rather than use a basic fabric on your chairs and barstools, use a durable, stain resistant acrylic.The patterns and colors of sun-resistant fabrics are dynamic and you can have a plush velvet with easy clean-up. Opt for a chandelier with glass or metallic elements over the island or to anchor your table. Glamour has never been easier to obtain.