Mar 26, 2012


What’s not to like about purple? It's a real 'shape shifter' of a color. It effortlessly goes from regal as in the living room below with 6839 Kimono Violet, to relaxed in a dining room with 6549 Ash Violet, to energetic in a teen bedroom painted with 6830 Kismet. Depending on the context in which it's used, and the complementing colors you add, purple is a great color for meditation, magic and mystery, as well as royalty. The combination of red and blue - the warmest and coolest colors - purple is believed to be the ideal color.  The millions of hues can be subtle, bold or just right.  Purple hues "play well with others", complementing everything from subdued hues like brown and gray to vivid pops of more vibrant color. Check out the color hues by family at Sherwin Williams. 

SW6839 Kimono Violet  
SW6549 Ash Violet 

SW6830 Kismet