Dec 14, 2013

Holiday DIY

There are so many ideas for holiday decor, gifting, wrapping and entertaining that it's challenging to weed out what works for you!  Here are my top 5 EASY ideas to dress up your home in about 10 minutes.  All if the items can be hand-made or store bought.  Be sure to have them on hand before you start!

1. Wreath: Dress up a wreath from any season with evergreen sprigs, ornaments in the color and style of your interior decor, and a bold ribbon to re-hang it. My ribbons are re-used from packages each year.

2. Centerpiece:  a simple white vase - from Ikea- and cut greens added to a few stems of cut flowers makes an elegant holiday display. 

3. Keep your pillows: add sparkle to everyday pillows with a brooch, or tack/pin on some soft ornaments.

 4. Light fixture decor: I love to hang ornaments from chandeliers and light fixtures to make them sparkle.

5. Card  display: thumbtack a wide ribbon to the top (and bottom for stability) door and clip, pin or glue on your holiday cards.  Sometimes combing two years worth of cards works too. It's festive and an ideal way to recycle.  Throughout the season, you can even unclip some from the ribbon and cut out the images to use as gift tags.