Dec 13, 2013

Healthy Holiday Lunch

With the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, gift making, entertaining and more, we often grab lunch in the go that has been processed, salted and stuffed with extra fat.  Start eating healthy now so your New Years resolutions can focus on life style and not eating.  These are make ahead and you can swap ingredients
To begin, you’ll need the following ingredients:
Chopped Chicken Salad Ingredients
If you don’t have some of the above veggies, feel free to swap in your favourites or those that you have on hand. Similarly with the chicken, vegetarians and vegans could easily swap in cooked beans, edamame, marinated tofu, or tempeh. It’s almost impossible to mess up the assembly.
All you need to do is stack the ingredients in some mason jars, top them with greens, and voila! Instant portable lunches for an entire week (or however many you decide to make).
Chopped Chicken Salad To Go
The order of the layers here is important. The chicken is at the bottom, so that if you were to drizzle in a dressing ahead of time and let the salad sit, it would absorb the flavour and become gorgeously juicy. The greens are at the top so they don’t get squished, and the cooked spelt berries are just beneath so that when the jar is tipped over into a bowl, you have a nice grainy base. This recipe makes enough to fill 4 mason jars with the capacity of about 1 1/2 cups each, and any remaining space in the top can be filled with greens. Happy lunching!
Chopped Chicken Salad To Go from Eat Spin Run Repeat