Jan 22, 2018

Top 5 Interior Design Tips

There are so many design concepts and tips published, that it can be overwhelming to determine  what's right for your style and your space. Shelter magazines, bloggers, retailers, and advertisers offer guides on everything from light hanging, to color selection, to style choices, to what size your furniture should be.  They can all be beneficial, however with just a few quick tips, you can create a personal, aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Can I offer you 10 tips? Of course, but I’ve  distilled down what I consider to be 5 key things to do.

1) The right light fixture can be essential to your overall style. Even if you opt for discount store furniture, when you install one fabulous chandelier, table lamp, or wall sconce, it sets the tone for your entire space.  Be sure to put it in a key space so it functions as beautifully as it looks. 

2) Great style is all about the mix not the match.  Most people tend to have eclectic style; from inheriting furniture, collecting travel memorabilia, and purchasing pieces that appeal to them.  That mix truly helps create a curated home; incorporating personal or artistic pieces expresses "them".   The key is placement....finding the right space for everything to attain balance and interest and not clutter. In the space below, a modern cocktail table, traditional ginger jar lamp, grandma's overstuffed lounge chairs, some favorite antique pieces, and the transitional  sofa are all tied together with color, in a grouping that makes a pleasing to use and look at. 

3) Consider the power of color in each room. Color sets mood in a very unique way.  I post often about color. For example, if the color "red" means fire to you, I wouldn't suggest using it in your home, while if you tell me it means passion I would use it in a space that requires energy. Using color does not just mean painting the walls but selecting fabrics, accessories, area rugs, and artwork to bring in tones you love. DO use colors you love but be sure they accomplish what you want. Need a serene space? Try a monochromatic color scheme; soft neutral colors work just as well as blues and greens to create serenity.  Need exciting and dramatic? Use bold color. Start with painting one wall. Get a fabulous chest or dresser in a bold color you love. Don't forget that lamps add color too! Worried about a long-term color commitment? Keep your walls & flooring neutral and add color with accessories and art.  


4) Create inviting areas. Whether you're gathering with family and friends or curling up to read a book, be sure to have places that you can feel comfortable.  Place sofas and chairs so people can converse intimately rather than lining them pagainst the walls. One area rug can often anchor a conversation area perfectly.  Have a window or stairwell niche? Add a seat. You'll create a retreat for yourself and a place to add soft pillows and throws.


5) Store or conceal everything you don't need daily. One of the main issues with living comfortably in your home, is where to put all of your "stuff".  Mail, magazines and newspapers, pet  equipment, and even children's backpacks and toys are necessary but can create clutter.  Creating the correct storage system for easy access that's attractive every day will make you feel relaxed and organized. 


As you can see, some of the solutions are easy if you creatively use what you already have.