Aug 27, 2013

A new kitchen! Tips for success.

You need an update to your kitchen. Do you know what's  entailed?  What you want and need? How much it will cost?  A kitchen update affects the equity in your home.  Done right, you can recoup much of what you add in the sales price of your home.  By planning what you'd like to do, shopping for ideas, and then turning to a professional for the most effective space planning and material selections, you will be able to get more for your money. You'll get the right decisions and extras, won't have regrets  about not thinking of many elements, save money through professional discounts, and get a job done right the first time.   That should allow you to add great long term amenities and obtain material upgrades that you didn't envision.

Using your existing kitchen as a guide, begin by creating a list of what things your dream kitchen would have.  Refine that list to include changing things you dislike about your current  space.  Your list might include:

New or refaced cabinets
Improved layout
New lighting
Replace sink and faucet
Install updated hardware
Repair or install flooring
Replace counters with new 
Change the overall palette 

Use Internet design sites and print magazines as a resource to find favorite ideas. As you search for ideas, think about how you would work in the space. If you love a peninsula  but think wouldn't work in the same position as the one in your image , make a notation.  You think shelves are great,but not like the stainless steel and glass that you found. Consider the layout, the surfaces, the appliances, and refine your favorites.  Note that you prefer one layout or material more than another or that you liked a particular kitchen for a specific feature, 

It's also a great idea to  tour designer show houses to see spaces in person.  Many plumbing supply showrooms like Ferguson (nationwide) will have the newest products and materials on display.  Ask the designers and sales staff about  current kitchen products and trends.
Once you've determined what you want to include, set your spending limits.  Setting a  budget will help you stay on track. If you are planning to hire a contractor be sure to get recommendations and several bids.  If you do the work yourself,  you may be able to refresh your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Small changes that provide big impact include replacing  cabinet hardware, installing new appliances,  and upgrading  your faucet and light fixtures. New counters, painting cabinets, and updating the flooring can provide dramatic changes but dint tackle those projects if you're not an expert;  know your limits.  Some tasks - like updating hardware - don't require a lot of experience, but repainting cabinets does. Don't make a mistake that might be expensive to fix;  installing drywall, plumbing, and wiring are often best left to the professionals. 

Set a plan of action.  That includes developing the schedule for demo, rebuild, purchasing and setting up a temporary kitchen during the process. Knowing that the materials you want to use are available and on the job site is critical.  Tearing your kitchen apart only to find that you will wait several weeks for the sink you wanted to arrive isn't a good move.  
If you're ordering new cabinets, plan the start around the fabrication timeline.   Be sure to plan things in sequence so you avoid having to take one thing apart in order to install something new.  

Enjoy the results!