Sep 23, 2013

Re-arranging can work better than a buying spree.

When you're tired of your space, but you know you need a change, re-arranging is an ideal place to start.  You likely already have a great furniture set and nice accessories but don’t know how to use them.  That's when DESIGN IN A DAY will help you! 

Can you answer YES to any of these questions? Then DESIGN IN A DAY is the answer.

Do you have rooms that are small, odd angled, unusual location, all windows, etc...?
Are you just starting out have no idea what you need?
Are you combining different styles of furniture with your significant other? Do you need advice on what to purchase as you update your home?

Is knowing the right size of art and furniture a big help when you need new pieces?
Is downsizing your desire and you need help editing furniture and accessories?
Do you need to prepare your home for sale?
Is someone in your home using a wheelchair or walker?
Are you having an event and want to spruce up your home?
Did you just move to a new home with older furniture?
Do you feel that your home is cluttered and disorganized?
Are you a collector but aren't sure of the best way to display items?

You can't afford to buy new furniture so you want to make the best of what you have?
Do you need ideas for changing with a fixed budget?
Are you worried about the cost for professional help?
Do you love to shop and do things yourself but need a jump start?

DESIGN IN A DAY delivers on the spot answers and leaves your home looking fabulous.