Mar 3, 2013

Lighting Design - Fabulous and Functional

Lighting design offers a wide range of products and control options. From glamorous chandeliers to minimalistic and functional wall fixtures, there are many choices for functional yet pleasing home lighting. With energy use a main concern for the environment as well as personal utility bills, how to light spaces correctly becomes a necessity rather than a splurge. In any room, there are often many functional areas including dining, lounging, home office needs, television watching and entertaining, so a planned lighting solution is smart so you can ensure the best lighting for multi-tasking and still make each area inviting and attractive.

For achieving ambient (general) or task lighting, architectural lights, also known as "cans", "pots", and "recessed" fixtures are a good idea. Taking into account the spread of the light beam, the right size and number of recessed fixtures (LED, Compact fluorescent and dimmable halogen) can illuminate a task area, highlight a feature, bathe walls and room perimeters in light at a low energy cost, and more. Adding timers, dimmers and sensors for occupancy and vacancy makes using them easy. A variety of trims and baffles adds to the diversity of lighting solutions they can provide.

To create a warm atmosphere, light sources for special effects and mood lighting might include wall sconces, pendants, floor or table lamps.  The best lighting is done in layers so that you can control the amount of light and where it is shed, at any time.  Wall sconces are a great idea for feature walls, narrow spaces, and bathing architectural features in light.The correct fixture and right lamping (bulb) can throw light on the wall up or down depending upon the direction they hang. Wall sconces can be unobtrusive and small for accent lighting, or dramatic and bold to make an artistic statement.  

Offered in various shapes, sizes and colors, pendant options seem to be endless. Artistic, industrial, and every style in-between are available at fantastic prices.  One great fixture can set the tone for an entire home.   Furthermore, they can be used over a dining table, a desk, a counter, alone or in groups, and much more.

Chandeliers are a favorable alternative to recessed fixtures in  interior design since they offer multi-light options that are softer in feel. Like pendants, there are unlimited styles, but position is usually based on size. 

Accent lights include recessed fixtures, pendants, track, lamps, strip, rope and more.  They are meant to highlight architectural features, art, stairs, walls, landscape features, and a host of other design elements that are features indoors and out.

Whatever your lighting needs, there is an energy efficient solution that will provide a focused, correct color, and proper amount of light. Using a professional to advise is worthwhile and will enable the best results for the long-term.