Mar 4, 2013

Good design is essential for a healthy home.

No VOC paints, cabinet substrates, stain, along with
 recycled counter material, tile, water saving plumbing fixtures
and LED lighting are sustainable and luxurious.

When you want to make a change to your home you want a fabulous aesthetic and products that are safe. Think carefully about the long-term results of your design decisions. Is the carpet you selected a budget price but will off-gas toxic chemicals?  Does the surface you choose require chemicals to clean and seal?   Can you conserve water and energy that benefits you for the long term. When you're concerned for the health and safety of your family, do the research and find products that provide a healthy environment as well as the right aesthetic.  

A functional and fun space that was repurposed
from an unised niche. Using NO VOC furnishings
and shelves, re-used wood flooring, bold colors
in soothing shapes, and LED lighting with a warm glow.
You know when you have entered a healthy home. Regardless of the period and style, there is a sense of harmony and purity that nourishes both body and soul. Over time, you may also notice that you breathe more easily, feel more content, and begin each day with heightened energy and enthusiasm. The very technologies intended to enhance our well-being have often undermined our health through heating and cooling system issues, additives to building materials, furniture and paints, and synthetics and composite construction materials appear to save money, yet their ingredients trouble us with ailments ranging from mild headaches to severe depression. 

The basics of a health home include sensitivity for the environment, energy-efficiency, economical, sustainable, and use of products and materials that are non-polluting. These are the basics:

    Stunning glass pendants and back splash tiles are 100% recycled.
    No VOC stains and wall paint create rich, elegant color.
    High post-consumer recycled content in easy
    care porcelain tile, and energy and water saving appliances and lighting
    make a beautiful, eco-luxurious kitchen a pleasure to use.
  1. Free your home from toxins - that includes cleaning products, construction materials, floor and wall coverings and furnishings.
  2. Select mood enhancing colors, textures and patterns
  3. Arrange furnishings for comfort and ease of use and maintenance 
  4. Get rid of bulky, dust-collecting items
  5. Vent moisture from damp rooms
  6. Create special places for exercise and relaxation
  7. Clear away clutter by considering good storage options. Weed out what you really don't use and need.
  8. Let the outdoors in - natural light and fresh air are
  9. Strive for simplicity and moderation
  10. Respect the environment by starting with water and energy use, generation of garbage, and recycling.