Dec 12, 2012

F.U.N. with accessories.

When you enter a showroom or retail store, there are hundreds of items to select from. What's right for you?  

Accessorizing applies balance, scale and form - basic design elements - to add a finishing touch to a space. Keep the scale of your home in mind as you browse a showroom; they usually have large spaces, high ceilings and bright lighting.  Since your style is unique, your accessories should add value and meaning rather than just a collection of miscellaneous items.  Less IS more. It helps to bring color samples, measurements, and even photos of the space you are working with when on shopping trips. Using these 3 tips can help.

A neutral room is completed with a selection of a few nature-inspired accessories.

1) Make it FABULOUS:  Choose pieces that are inspirational or have meaning for you. Add a unique vase, platter, artwork or pillow if it excites you when you see it. Keep in mind that fewer pieces in a larger scale work better than small collections.  Your see a nested set of boxes that's nice, but a handmade Peruvian vase has warmth and texture and makes you feel fabulous. Purchase the vase and work it into your decor.

2) Be sure it's USEFUL.  When you add pieces, try thinking of how it may change over time. A lidded glass canister might serve as a terrarium, a centerpiece for a special event when filled with seasonal or themed, or even become a candle holder.  If you find a pair of textured candles that are very cool but know you don't feel safe burning them... buy the lamp you liked instead so you have design and function together.

 3) Is it NECESSARY? If your selection adds another item to a group but really doesn't call attention to the design, then don't add it.  Want formality? Then do add pieces to create symmetry which is ideal for traditional spaces. Asymmetry is casual but be careful to balance your grouping.   When adding new pieces, vary their heights for visual interest. Consider using accent colors rather than the same ones in your furnishings.