Dec 11, 2012

How to get clean, elegant Asian style

Asian decor is admired for its simplicity with an unrivaled elegance.  While the colors make it rich and warm, its clutter-free style looks polished. I use some simple guidelines for creating an Asian themed space.

Colors for Asian rooms should include red, black and gold lacquered accessories. Wooden planters, consoles, desks and artwork will give you a perfect first layer of color. Take a look at the Asian collection at Touch of TraditionSimply adding accessories to your existing furniture can be enough.  There are several red and black chests, some fabulous wooden rice holders, and  ceramics that double as storage. Fabrics on chairs, pillows and windows can include those colors.  Use raw and nubby silk, linens, hemp, cotton or blends; fabrics with texture are ideal. Rice paper shades, screens and accessories are easy to find and often easy to make. I but rice paper at a local art supply, and insert into frames to create artwork and room dividers.

Materials should be natural and include wood, stone, and metal. In this space, copper borders the wall fountain whose face is slate. A refinished oak floor and reeded window coverings provide texture and warmth. The small teak table is scaled right for the space and the textured bench seating with raw silk pillows, complete the style. Asian furnishings are clean-lined and generally teak or Elm.