Dec 13, 2012

Make your poinsettia last!

We love the color and shape of poinsettias for the holiday. Here's how to keep them healthy and vibrant. 
  • Place them in good, indirect light away from drafts.
  • Never let them dry out. When the top inch of the soil is dry, water until it runs out from the bottom of the pot. You will want to keep the plant moist, but not wet; never let it stand in water.
  • After they have bloomed, move your poinsettias outside at night when temperatures stay above 55 degrees. Cut them back to about 6 inches and continue to prune until August.
  • Poinsettias can also be grown in your garden after the holidays. Once the weather warms up, in early spring, put them outside in the shade so they can adapt to conditions. Slowly move them into morning sun and, in time, they can receive more sun. Re-pot in a larger pot or plant in the ground with well-amended soil.
  • Fertilize sparingly with a houseplant fertilizer or light application with an all-purpose fertilizer.