Nov 15, 2012

Holiday style you can use today.

Creating a festive home takes many forms.  Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, setting an attractive table, having a welcoming entry, and enjoying the aromas of winter spices, are enjoyable and heart warming.   These tips      make it easy. 

1.  Mix up your dishes.  Even if you only have one set, add something different to your holiday table.  Place an inexpensive clear glass bowl on top of your plates.  Fill with a votive or floating candle, seasonal greens, or a colorful soup garnished with herbs.  Instead of using your matching dinnerware, mix  unmatched plates or bowls into the setting.  Deliberate balance around the table will  be festive.  Add colorful fabric or paper napkins.  

2. Create warmth by adding a throw to the sofa or favorite lounge chair.  It's really nice to drink a flavored coffee or tea, while nestled under a comfy throw,

3. Wreaths are a sign of welcome.  Whether yours is a ring of seashells, pine boughs or succulents, it adds warmth to your front door.  Tie on a large grosgrain or raffia bow to add color.  If you are creative, create a wreath from 'found'  objects that represent the season.  My local tree trimmers leave pine boughs on the street and I tie them together, add some pine cones and red berries and hang my creation on doors, the garage, and from my fence railings. 

4. . Remember scent. The smells of winter include cinnamon, clove, vanilla, ginger, cranberry and pine balsam. If you don't get a tree or bake you  can use fragrant oils, potpourri, candles, soaps and  room sprays throughout your  home.