Nov 9, 2012

Make your small space BIG!

There are many fabulous blogs about small space design. I'm not going out on a limb to suggest any of these ideas, just gathering what I've done for clients and collecting ideas I've seen. The room above has done it ALL  right.

1. Use mirrors on the wall opposite the window to double the reflected light. You can use clear mirrored squares, large scale rectangles, and even a collection of antique mirrors if that suits your style.

2. Create a monochromatic space.  When you use the same color - adding different shades to walls, fabrics and accessories - the room will appear larger.

3. Don't be afraid to use rich, deep color.  Black and white will make the space cozy and dramatic yet not at all oppressive and small.

4. Pull furniture off the walls. When sitting in a centered seating area, having space beyond it makes the room feel bigger.

5. Create a dramatic focal point. Use an architectural detail, a piece of furniture, and accent with color and light. 

6. When you use the entire height of a room, with wallpaper, bookcases, moldings and more, it gives the impression of spaciousness without taking up floor space.

7. Be bold with large scale wallpaper, a big comfy chair, a dramatic scale in the fabric on the sofa and in your art.