Oct 1, 2012

White beds are inviting!

Regardless of the season, I love white bedding. It creates a fresh,crisp bedroom, and works even with richly colored walls. t's versatile, since you can make seasonal changes by layering on color and texture with pillows and throws. For me, everything needs to be washable since a touch of bleach in the laundry removes paw marks that inevitably happen.  I often add a top layer of protection from pet dander and stains with a washable ivory or white throw  that I remove weekly and wash.  For under $10 I have the sheets laundered and pressed for guests.

I start with a white sheet set. It's nice to use sets where the top edge of the sheets and the pillowcases have color or patterned edge detail if it works with your color scheme and style; beware of the strong lines than some of that detail creates.  Many beds don't need them, but if you do, add a tone-on-tone bed skirt for a bit of texture. Like detail? The skirt can be softly gathered for a feminine look or crisp and neat with tailored pleats.

Whether you have a bedspread or a coverlet, fullness will make the bed look soft and inviting.  This can be accomplished with a down or down-alternative comforter under the bedspread.  If your blanket is a favorite but doesn't work with the white scheme, cover it with a duvet cover.I use a white button duvet to protect my down comforter in winter and my blanket in summer. It really makes bedding easy to clean.    

For a casual look, folding the sheets over the bedspread or duvet is more casual but makes it easier to climb into bed!  Draping a comforter at the foot of the bed is practical and pretty.  Here, an accent color is added for texture and a focal point. Add pillows - using pillows shams if you like - and lean them against the headboard or wall. (See prior blogs for headboard ideas.)  To add accent colors or texture, place smaller pillows in front.  

Pulling all of the sheets and blankets up flat and fully enclosing the pillows in decorative shams is more formal. You can layer different shades of white for interest and texture.  In the fall and winter, I use deep taupe throws and add some textured pillows.