Oct 2, 2012

Shelve it!

Everyone has stuff to display or store. Finding the right shelving can add a wonderful architectural element to a room at the same time provides a place to display favorite collectibles and the necessary storage you need.

 1) Wall of shelving. One of the most traditional storage solutions. Shelving on one wall does keep clutter in one area and makes it part of the decor. It adds nice architectural detail and a focal point.  Do you have to build it in? No. Join pre-made pieces with molding for a fast, cost-effective solution.

2) Floating shelving. Much more artistic, this can be as unique as the exotic wood and composition here, to a creative use of boxes hung at varying heights. An old surfboard, a table cut to scale, and other horizontal elements can make creative shelving.

3) Niche shelving.  When you have an odd area or niche in your home, or can use space you create within the walls, you get ideal use of otherwise awkward spaces.  Instead of just building floor to ceiling storage, consider incorporating a desk, a bench seat, or even a fold-out dining table for a small apartment.

4) Room dividers. In small apartments, dorm rooms, and even bedrooms with more than one occupant, an open divider that doubles as a display area is practical and pleasing. Often, an entry has no definition from the rest of the space. A shelf unit creates one without being weighty or interfering with the space.