Sep 28, 2012

Fall touch ups!

If you live in San Diego, you can take advantage of TOT-Home and have us TOUCH UP your home for fall.  
Our E-ZIGN service is ideal for those of you who have time to do leg-work but not to conceptualize and design.  For all of you DIY'ers out there, here are some of our most popular updates for fall. Not only do you get a great new home for the long-term, you can show off your home to family and friends just in time for the holidays.

Plants, cladding stucco with stone, and adding
light creates a welcoming attractive exterior.
1) Freshen up your exterior. That can mean a quick power-wash, some new plants, or a simple front door color update. We love to change container plantings since they can be done at nearly every front door. No entry? A cool wreath will give you a new look.  

A new surround and accessories dress up
a 1980's fireplace. 

2) Update your fireplace. Clean, paint, or re-cover dated material. If you love what you have, add a mantle, a surround, or add some accessories.  A large-scale planter or urn filled with a real or dried arrangement is fresh and natural. Add lights during the holidays for a festive look.

Paint, a shelf and some colorful
accessories are practical and beautiful.

3) Dress up the entry.  Even if you have a small space, a welcoming entry is a must. We recommend narrow entry tables, small benches, area rugs (great for wet and muddy feet), mirrors and lighting.  Not much space? A fold down shelf works well. 

A corner with accent stripes is all that was
needed in this living room.

4) Paint.  Yes we know it's time consuming to do a whole room, but it's the ideal way to completely change the look and feel of a space.  Even one accent wall or the addition of stripes will create a new space.

Lighting added under cabinets, in architectural elements and
behind plants create an easy to do, layered lighting plan.
5)  Add light. As darkness comes earlier and seems to go on forever...add energy saving LED lighting.  We love string lights, hidden rope lights, picture lights, and wall sconces.  Put them on in-wall or plug in timers for a low-cost, no-work solution.