Sep 24, 2012

Panel drape tops for every style.

When you're looking for drapery panels, it's a good idea to select a header or top style that makes a design statement for your window as well as the room.  It's important even if you use fabric panels as a decorative addition to other coverings - like shades and blinds - but especially when they are the sole window treatment in your room.Take a look at these 6 styles and select one that reflects your spaces.

1) Parisian or pencil pleat - A decorative header that is clean and tailored with a bit of dressiness based on the stitching.  Great for traditional and formal rooms, and works well in transitional spaces with a sleek fabric. Can be casual on rings -like the panels show -  and certainly with linen, cotton or other clean and simple fabric choices.

2) Goblet pleat - This elegant and dramatic look is fabulous in traditional interiors.  These add glamour with dupioni silk fabric. Be sure to line each panel to give it heft.

3) Pencil Pleat. A great choice for a less formal space. The pleats are even and neat yet not as dressy as the two styles above. Here, the cotton fabric definitely speaks to casual style rooms, yet the pleat adds an element of sophistication.

4)  Grommet top - An updated top that is right with every style from country to contemporary. The fabric selection drives the fit into your decor but the top style is a new classic.

5) Box pleat. Another fairly traditional and formal style that can work in many different rooms based on the fabric choices.  I like the clean line for modern and transitional spaces, preferring to use pencil pleats for casual rooms. The panels here, in silk, are dressy even on a black iron rod and ring system. Using large scale patterns on linen and linen blends works well in contemporary rooms.

6) Tab top: Decidedly casual and simple.  Any fabric choice will remain casual!