Sep 25, 2012

Seasonal updates for your yard or balcony.

Fall is the ideal time of year to update your exterior and plant for spring color. Touch of Tradition/Garden is your source for fabulous ideas and products to extend your living spaces outdoors. Here are 10 tips to consider.

1) Update your concrete with a concrete stain. When your walkways and patios are aged and stained, you can create a ‘new’ appearance with a beautiful color stain. You will even out the damaged concrete (within reason of course) and the new area can be warm and elegant.

2) Plants bulbs for spring color. The impact of your new planting will be showy and colorful in spring. Try tulips, day lilies, ranunculus and iris. If you don’t have a formal garden bed, don’t hesitate to use planters that suit the style of your home.

3) Paint your front door a seasonal color. A white front door isn’t as welcoming as a rich terra cotta or cranberry hue. For lots of color use bold orange or red. 

4) Grow vegetables in containers from October to March. The cabbage family, leafy greens and herbs including cilantro, dill, fennel, parsley, mints, cresses are beautiful and edible so you have salad, garnishes and veggies as well as a gorgeous display.

5) Wrap string lights on architectural elements and trees. LED string lights are energy efficient, bright, and make a yard or balcony welcoming and festive. You can even change the colors for Halloween or the Christmas season. Use twist ties for a easy removal, or wind around trunks and weave through branches for drama and elegance.

6) Add an interesting element to your garden. A shepherds hook with an iron medallion, an outdoor lantern or even a unique artistic sculpture will add detail, texture and a sense of your personality. Try a great birdhouse and bring colorful birds right to your door. 

7) Fill a container with seasonal items. Pinecones are easy to find as they fall to the ground this time of year. Gourds and pumpkins are fabulous through Thanksgiving. A branch arrangement in a tall pot becomes the ideal spot for holiday lights. 

8) Hang a wreath on the front gate or doors. Whether you opt for a living succulent wreath or a dried arrangement, the effect is welcoming and festive. Your creativity is the limit. Try planting succulents into a wooden sign, use natural grasses for a simple and elegant wreath, and add small gourds to grape-vine wreaths for a Do-it-yourself masterpiece.

9) Plant contrasting colors and textures in your garden or containers. Ornamental grasses are soft and water-wise, and impart softness and contrast. Bear grass and deer grass are good choices since they’re non invasive species.

10) Add a bench to the entry way and dress with outdoor pillows, potted plants and more. It’s a sign of welcome, comfort and more to have a bench in the entryway. Use it to create a sense of the interior space or dress it up seasonally.