Dec 5, 2011

How cool is this window...literally!

The windows and doors you choose for your home are a reflection of your style and your personality. Opening a beautiful window to let fresh air flow into your home should look as pleasurable as it feels.  When you select products that are made from recycled materials, you also make a statement about your commitment to the environment.  

With reclaimed wood products, Jeld-Wen breathes new life into old wood by creating windows and doors that deliver a beautiful authentic style that is also good sustainable design.  Full of character, the aesthetic of these products is perfect for everything from a casual bungalow to a country estate.  Material is recovered from old barns, houses, fences and factories across America. The nail and bolt holes, natural weathering and other clues remain as evidence of it unique history. Since it was harvested and milled years ago, reclaimed wood is often old-growth, featuring dense grains and high degrees of heart wood that make it harder, more durable and even more beautiful than new lumber. Combined with the fact that new products made with existing wood, they offset the demand for new lumber and conserve natural resources.

Check out the other green products at the Jeld-Wen website.  I've used a variety of their products in newly constructed and remodel projects, with tremendous success and fabulous aesthetics.