Dec 2, 2011

3 panel drapery options to suit any style space.

Updating your windows with drapery panels makes a great design statement but selecting the perfect header - or top detail - can be tricky.   Gain elegance, glamour and modern sophistication by using one of these three gorgeous header styles:

Parisian pleat

1) Parisian or pencil pleat. A decorative header that can look casual or dressy depending upon the fabric used. While it's a less formal look than many pleat styles, it's clean and tailored for sophistication. Ideal for transitional spaces.  Rings are used here, with an under-shade, to make a traditional room look more casual.

Goblet pleat

2) Goblet pleat.  This elegant and dramatic look is fabulous in traditional interiors as well as with transitionally styled decor. Add glamour with dupioni silk fabric and be sure to line each panel to give it heft. Adding trims, sewing deep hems, and adding edge detail, make the panels luxurious.

Grommet top

3) Grommet top. An updated top that is right with every style from country to contemporary. The fabric selection drives the fit into your decor but the top is becoming a new classic.

Whether you buy panels pre-made, sew them yourself (check for how-to's at E HOW) or have them custom sewn by a workroom, the impact to your room with these wonderful header details will be dynamic!