Dec 6, 2011

5 Holiday gifts you can make.

I frequently blog about home-made gifts since they are fun to make and a pleasure to receive.  Many are ideal for children.  Here are 5 new ideas, but be sure to check past blogs for more!

1) Christmas Cookies in a Jar: It's easy to decorate a  new or recycled glass jar and add your favorite cookie recipe. Here are some ideas but you can be creative for the giftee: add a simple label with directions, wrap a ribbon around the top, cover the lid with fabric or paper, affix adhesive foam shapes for dimension, glue on fabrics, pretty papers and other decorative elements. Fill the jar with the ingredients, layering as though you were preparing the cookies. Print your recipe on pretty card stock or even a recycled card, and trim to fit on the lid, or dangle from the jar with a ribbon.

2) Handmade Sachet.
Using fabric - or recycle a scarf - cut the shape you want for each sachet. Place a front and a back piece together - inside out - so the outside part of the sachet is on the inside. Sew together on three sides or whip-stitch by hand.  Now turn it inside out, so the finished side is on the outside and fill it with herbs or dried flowers.  In this example the edges have been trimmed with pinking shears.  Sew the opening closed last. Sew on a ribbon for decoration or as a hanger. You can group three or four together and tie with a ribbon.  

3) Customized hand towels.  Embellished tea or hand towels are a great gift year-round.  Iron a rhinestone transfer for decorating jeans onto a smooth-texture towel, following manufacturer's instructions. The twig design here resembles a Christmas tree, but the towel is still versatile enough to use year-round. You can also sew on fabric borders, trims and ribbon, or paint on a unique design with fabric paints. Tack on some buttons for a 3-D look.

4) Handmade picture frame.  This is an easy project for children. Whether you make your own frame from wood or cardboard, or decorate a store bought one, the decor ideas are nearly endless. Using the best adhesive for your materials (hot glue, craft glue, mod podge, epoxy, etc..) select items that suit your giftee.  A special fabric, seashells, buttons, dog and cat themed items, decorative paper, rhinestones, beads, ribbon, lace, twigs...use your imagination! 

5) Storage container.  Using a store bought tin container or box, you can give the ultimate handmade gift for someone who likes to keep things in order. Add tabbed index cards with labels. Embellish with ribbons, paper, and more for a festive and fun gift.