Apr 25, 2012

5 Cool accessories that are works of art!

Great design is deliberate. These 5 pieces are beautiful examples of form and function combining.   These accessories are simple, elegant, functional, and their design makes them works of art!

1) A simple accessory with a nifty little design feature. The Bookshelf features a single bar that extends from the wall and incorporates a simple U Bend that offers support for your favorite book. In turn this creates an ideal bookend to lean additional literary classics up against. In an apartment ... WOW.

2) Another fabulous idea - ideal in apartments and condos - is the wooden bike rack/shelf from Knife & Saw. Tons of style and a great design element.   

3) It's a table, no a seat, no a magazine rack.  What a great sleek piece with multiple functions. Find it at Y Lighting.

4) This basket can be used for anything from food, to mail, to a planter base, to holding food. This one from Amazon.com.

5) We need these but don't always like the look. Without a closet for guest coats, they end up on the bed. Ichh...and the cats make them furry. This is a wall mounted hanger that has the heft and shape to be artistic, but the function for clothes and more!