Sep 1, 2011

What is it that interior designers do?

A narrow, dark living space becomes a stunning
multi-functional interior with the right scale in furnishings, art
and materials, the, color, and lighting.

For your home and business, when you are looking for inspiration, creativity, expertise on products, technology and building codes, adding in concern for ergonomics, health and safety, and a dash of psychology, look for an interior designer.   Here's what we do:
1. We are a combination of engineer and artist. Not only do we take into account technical issues, safety, and economy when designing a space,  we create an aesthetic that comforts and inspires.
2. Our work improves the lives of others. We design for homeowners, workers, the aged, handicapped, and infirm. Whether we simply add light to a dark interior or design a beautiful, new, healthy space, we make a difference in the lives of others.

3. We are continually learning and seeking answers, researching, receiving education, attending conferences and industry events and discussing problems with peers. Good designers know that the profession is ever-evolving, and evolve with it.
4. We don’t settle for the tried and true but push boundaries to discover new and better ways of doing things. 

5. "Green" is not a color but a design philosophy for the future. We explore what sustainable design means in the home and workplace.
6. We provide a service that involves many aspects and working parts, process and connecting disparate ideas into a working whole. 

7. We turn ideas into tangible reality. 

A dated bath becomes a luxurious and serene, retreat
with a remodel and does it with eco-friendly fixtures,
materials and lighting.

8. We pay attention to details. Whether we select which carpet to use in a hotel hallway or what color to paint a hospital wall, we make each seemingly small decision count for the client’s health and happiness.
9. We debunk myths and test new products, and save clients money along the way.
10. We are problem solvers. Each project is a new puzzle with a new set of challenges. As designers, we are tasked with making things work.
11. We are collaborators and even if working alone,  have a network of peers to turn to for advice and support.
12. We work to change the public perception of Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator. Designers have appropriate education, professional qualifications, certifications and scope of experience. We are more than reality TV design hosts.