Aug 31, 2011

Color for 2012

Color hues for 2012 from Sherwin Williams
It's that time of year again, when forecasters have released their evaluations of social, economic, and fashion themes, and determined which colors are right for the upcoming year.  Consistent among the forecasts for 2012 is a subtle switch from safe, soothing palettes to strong colors that rouse optimism, exuberance, and cheer. 

Color permeates our lives from the natural environment to man-made surroundings. Ancient cultures used color to heal and chromatherapy is often practiced today to energize, refresh, or soothe us. It's common knowledge that marketing experts incorporate color theory to provoke consumers into trusting, buying, or eating the products they sell.   Everyone agrees that color influences our mood and plays and important role in home design and construction so it's essential for designers to understand how colors affect their clients. Applying color theory to a project is not simply about the color of paint on a wall, but relating the hues in every material and product selected for a space.

The Color Marketing Group (CMG), who forecasts color trends annually, announced that the colors for 2012 are moving away from subtle hues to those that are bold and vibrant. Pantone, a global developer of color communications and matching tools,  put together nine palettes for home and interior design called Pantone View Home + Interiors 2012. Purple is predominant in the color groupings along with neutral hues and a dash of neon. Paint retailers, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, offer color predictions, advice, and tools specifically for contractors and designers. For Colormix 2012, Sherwin-Williams was inspired by fashion-forward analogous color combinations where the greens and blues are vibrant, and the neutrals are deep and rich.  Benjamin Moore focuses on vintage and sustainability-inspired hues for their Color Pulse 2012

Whether you decide to capture the trends by repainting walls, adding color with accessories or go all the way and replacing old surfaces with new, select your colors wisely; know how color affects you and don't hesitate to call a color consultant for optimal results.