Nov 16, 2017

Fabulous Country Decor

Start your country decor collection with these 10 fabulous items. As you'll see from the images, you can use them decoratively or for storage. The add such a warm, comfortable touch. If you're handy, you can buy new items and distress them to make them look rustic and well worn. Swing by the showroom, our Etsy Shop, or Ebay to see what we're featuring.

Pewter trays. You can gather collectibles on a cocktail table, use them in a tablescape, gather toiletries together in your bath, and so much more.

Natural elements like these balls, are great to fill a basket, bowl, glass apothecary canister or just position on a shelf or table. The texture and neutral colors are ideal for county and coastal decor.

Ladders can be used as decor on walls, and as shelves in nearly any room. Find the oldest most paint encrusted that you can, and enjoy the patina. Create one from a new wooden ladder if you have time!  Vinegar and steel wool mixed in a ball jar and then wiped onto bare wood, creates a gorgeous blue-gray hue.

Wooden spoons are practical and pretty in the kitchen. These are stunning, handmade spoons and look fabulous mounted on a kitchen wall.

Wicker baskets go with everything!  There are so many styles, materials and shapes, that you're sure to find one that you adore.

As a shelf, decor, for storage or display, Wooden crates are the perfect country element!

Wire accessories are for every room. Collect natural elements in a few for your family room, use one for laundry, tuck one under a desk as a trash can, and gather your cooking utensils ans fruits in a wire basket or cannister in the kitchen.

I love wooden cutting boards. You can find them in nearly every wood species, fabulous shapes, and stand them upright to display, or leave flat on the counter for cooking.

My go-to planters are terra-cotta pots. They're classic indoors or out.  An aged pot with a stencil, makes a beautiful herb pot on a dining room or kitchen windowsill.

White Ironstone is a favorite collectible and graces the shelves of many country dining room curios, and kitchen displays.