Nov 28, 2017

Trays trays and more trays

When you're looking to fill a space and organize at the same time, look no further than a tray. Whether it's flat on the table or raised on legs, take a look at some of these ideas for fabulous organization and great Decor.

Outdoors they're perfect. You can load them up, bring them out, and bring them back in empty. The best kind of trays for outdoors, or those with legs. You can leave the legs outdoors all summer, or even on a protected patio. They serve as an extra table and look fabulous. I love to use one tray for nonalcoholic beverages and the other for mixed drinks. It makes it easy for everybody to have a great time. 

For an indoor bar, a simple tray on the counter, whether it's your credenza, your kitchen counter, or dining room console looks as good as it functions. This particular tray is marble from Home Goods.

The bathroom is one of my favorite places to use a tray. It organizes toiletries, it looks attractive, collects small hair and make up items, and generally keeps the countertop looking clean and neat. 

Of course, your cocktail table is another perfect place for a tray. Gather your books, your vase of flowers, small knickknacks and accessories, and you create a great focal point that looks organized and architectural.

For serving, for organizing, for display, there are so many ways to use trays in interior design.