Dec 11, 2013

5 Top Gifts for HER

Since gift giving is personal, my clients often ask me to assist with giving gifts to each other once their design project is complete.  I learn details about my clients so I can 'nail' their style and most intimate desires to make their remodel PERFECT. So, here is my gift list for your favorite, sister, wife, girlfriend and best friend...gathered from working with some fabulous people!

1. A manicure/pedicure package:  Sure, she might go to get her nails done already, but having a pre-paid series is such a treat.

2. Pet/baby sitter for a half day: Wouldn't a morning in bed be so luxurious if the little ones were taken care of for her?

3. To Do List Promises:  Create a card for each task or chore that she would  like help with and you WILL help, and make a promise to help.

4. Shopping trip: How about a 2-hour trip together to her favorite home shop, boutique, cosmetics shop, tech store or other?  Plan a trip, set a limit and enjoy!

5. Catered lunch-dinner: After a busy week, holiday, remodel, etc...a  pre-made, fully arranged meal for the two (or more) of you is a gesture of love. It can be as simple as a picnic or elegant as dinner.