May 14, 2013

We love chalkboard paint!

When you need a fun gift, a rainy day project, or even an update to your decor, try one of these easy and fast ideas using chalkboard paint. Hudson Paints makes some gorgeous colors that will suit your style!

1) A memo board for your home office and children's room. With a beautiful frame and a painted chalkboard center it can be completed in just a few hours.  Flea markets, garage sales, vintage shops and attics, among other place, are ideal to scout and find a frame that you like. You can use an undercoat of metallic paint and the board will be magnetized also!

2) Chalk labels:  Coordinate your pantry or give a gift in a glass apothecary jar. Fill with a cookie recipe, some bath salts, a favored treat or kitchen staples. Add a vinyl sticker from that you can label with chalk and erase when re-filled with something new. 

3) Custom Picture frame: For a parent, teacher and babysitter and more! Giving a hand-made picture frame is priceless.  Using a colored - or not - chalkboard paint, create a unique image, label with a name, write a message!  Don't forget that you can use colored chalk too.

4) Memo pad:  My personal favorite is a memo pad that I use in  the office, the kitchen and my garage work room. Add a string so you can hang!

5) Re-usable place cards for dinners and buffets.  Imagine a luxurious buffet where -even in the lowest most romantic light - each dish is labeled with a glamorous gold frame.  Keep these for parties, dinners and more!