May 13, 2013

Don't make these errors on your project!

When you're in the process of updating your home, whether it's a paint update or a full room remodel, you'll end up with the BEST results if you plan before you start. When you're Here are my 5 top errors to avoid:

1) Look carefully at what has been developed. Does the design meet your criteria for space and function? Does it look like what you envisioned? Be sure to get the right visuals.
2) Sometimes a modified photograph - even with hand drawn detail - is better than a 2-D drawing. You can see the reality better and will love the end result.

3) Are the measurements of a raw space accurate? Who took them? I always recommend marking the floors with tape, butcher paper, or other method to show placement and scale of what will go into that space.

4) Is the time frame realistic? We all want to get results quickly. A gorgeous window covering, new kitchen, and a remodeled home are all hard to wait for. What are the limiting factors? Can delays be incorporated so disappointment is minimized?

5) Suppliers, fabricators and installers should be top-notch. They should do everything to assure you that they won't make an error and let you know the steps to take corrective action is needed.