Mar 15, 2013

Outdoor textiles are fabulous indoors.

When you have young children and pets, you often had to choose between durability and style. No longer.  While using outdoor textiles indoors started out as a trend, with the plethora of colors, patterns, fabrics and design options,  it has now evolved into the ideal solution for achieving aesthetic value and functionality. Tough enough to brave the sun, wind and rain, outdoor fabrics offer incredible peace of mind in interiors as they will never fade or stain. 

You can now have white sofas! With the right shade and fabric, you can have en elegant style and the clean ability and durability that is a must!  Take a look at some of these vibrant and dynamic options. Stop by the showroom, on-line, or give us a call for more!

Holly Hunt
The line of Great Outdoors textiles by Holly Hunt is one of my favorite options for high quality, washable fabric. It’s so beautiful and yet so durable! These fabrics come in a wide range of gorgeous colors and patterns that can be applied anywhere!
outdoor textiles

Perennials Fabrics
Perennials’ fabrics are made of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic andcome in solids, prints, reversibles, wovens, stripes, trims and sheers. Not only will you get beauty and durability with these fabrics, but comfort as well. 
perennials fabrics

Sunbrella Fabrics
Sunbrella fabric will hold up to “the messiest kids and the reddest wines.” This well-known brand continues to come up with new patterns and hues to keep furniture stylish and carefree.

sunbrella fabrics

Osborne & Little
I love the patterns available in the Ionia Outdoor Indoor Fabric collection by Osborne & Little. Inspired by the islands of Greece, these fabrics offer a fresh, contemporary look.

outdoor-indoor fabrics

DeLany & Long, Ltd. 
Known for their fine interior fabrics, the founders of Rogers & Goffigon decided to bring their quality and style to the outdoors with DeLany & Long, Ltd. Produced with European specialty mills, these outdoor fabrics feature a beautifully understated palette of stunning stripes, solids, and textures.

delany outdoor fabrics