Mar 11, 2013

3 Daylighting tips for the long-term

When it comes to saving energy, making use of natural daylight is the ideal first solution. For darker rooms in your home, here are some ideas to bring in the light!

1. Skylights are great for rooms in single story homes. A dark living room was transformed with six small skylights.  You can have operable - for ventilation - or fixed models.  Since increased light is the reason to use them, no coverings are needed.

2. Bay windows bring light and space into rooms. To add light to a dreary great room, changing the slider to a bay window provides light and an fabulous architectural element. 

3. Large scale windows are often the simplest and most cost-effective solution.  Rather than a single window in a bed room or bath (or any other room for that matter), a set of two or three can open a room and provide significant lighting. They work well in North facing rooms where the light tends to be muted.