Feb 21, 2013

What makes a great kitchen?

 Do you know the elements that make a kitchen great?  Our top 10 must-haves for a contemporary (for the times) kitchen:

1- Storage - Make or create a place that houses everything properly. Pull outs, swing outs, dividers and cabinet inserts that work for you will make your life easier.

2- Flexibility - Can you pull out an extra ‘counter’? Change the cabinet interior for your new blender? Add a built-in coffee maker? Store new cookbooks?

3- Surfaces - counters, backsplash and flooring in the right material for your lifestyle

4- Counter space - Be sure you have adequate space and landing areas near major appliances and the sink. An island can help.
5- Cabinets - Doors versus drawers? Be sure you create a place to house what you have. Using wood versus paint and glass insets versus solid doors should be considered for function, style and budget.
6- Media - Can you use your iPad, iPod or laptop while cooking and baking? Is there a place to store and charge it?

7- Lighting - Use the right light when and where you need it. Have task, ambient and accent lighting without shadows or dark areas. Keep energy efficiency in mind and don’t over-light.
8- Space plan - Have the right access to what you need to cook within reach. A working triangle often gives the best ergonomics.
9- Ventilation - Windows are ideal, fans and hoods are next best.
10- Organization - Be sure you can get at, reach, or find a needed appliance, pot or utensil when you need it.