Feb 20, 2013

Do Color Right! Top mistakes to avoid.

Design professionals can't make mistakes in selecting colors.  The impact of a poorly chosen color scheme or patterns is costly and frustrating. When you're looking for ideas on what to do for your home, keep these tips in mind: 

1. Don't go on instinct. 
Test all colors in the room in which it will be used with its existing lighting conditions and surfaces (floors, counters, cabinetry).   Keep in mind that testing a color in an empty room will not be that useful. You should  have an idea of which furniture/fabrics are going into the room first. Choosing color without inspiration makes decisions difficult.  Once you select fabrics and surface materials,  your color options for walls are limitless. Going the other way is difficult and frustrating.

2. Keep options simple rather than go overboard.  
There are many 'overdone' walls and rooms - kitchen and baths in particular - with glaring colors and surfaces that leave their owners gasping in dismay.  Rather than add a flashy glass mosaic to an older bathroom, keeping the elements simpler and colors appropriate for the period or style of the home, will be more enduring.

3. When soliciting professional advice, use it.
Designers and colorists know the correct color(s) that will work with your interior or exterior.  An understanding of undertones is key to specifying the right color, and working with fixed and/or furnished elements often matter more than a color you "just love".  

4. Know which element is the most important and which to ignore.   Every interior is different and requires a custom solution.  Ignoring standout pieces and selecting colors that fit just some of your furnishings or surfaces would be a mistake. Knowing how to mitigate fixed colors  (floor tile, architectural elements and even a view) is of utmost importance in ending up with a satisfying result. 

5. Don't follow trends for your exterior.  
Painting your house the current 'hot' neutral will disappoint you when trends change. Instead, look at the era of your home, the architectural style, how your interior fits those elements, and use color choices that works all around. 

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