Feb 18, 2013

Enter here!

Does your entry say what you want about the rest of your home?  This is one space, indoors and out, that sets the tone for the rest of your home. These are my top quick fixes for the inside space.

1) Flooring.  It often creates nice separation, not to mention a practical way to keep the entry clean, to have a different floor surface in the entry.  If your entry merges with the living area this is a perfect time to create separation.   Even a small area rug, provides delineation from the rest of your home. Be sure to secure area rugs with pads or tape. 

2) Stash space.  It's smart to keep your entry neat. I recommend using a console, bench or other area where you can drop mail, keys and more.  Affixing a small board to the wall and adding front legs, creates a perfect stash space in an apartment or condo where there is no obvious entry area. Using a small wall-hung shelf or a bookshelf to divide the entry from the rest of the space, work well for organization and separation.   Once you've got the surface, you can add baskets, containers and bowls to collect what you drop, making a design statement as well as containing clutter.

3) Mirrors. Reflect light into the space by adding a mirror.  A unique, framed mirror can make an artistic statement. It also serves as a place for guests to check themselves before entering, and you to take a last look before you go out!  

4) Lighting. The best way to change the apparent space is with lighting. Brighten a narrow space with wall sconces, hang a chandelier to dramatize a grand space, bring a dark corner into play with up-lights, and if you can,  hang picture lights over your art. 

5) Artwork.  Personalize your entry to reflects you and the style of your home. Whether that translates to a sculpture, a mobile, pottery, or wall art, an item you love can be worked into your entryway. This is a ideal time to use travel collectibles, your favorite ceramics, a fabric you love (framed or as a bench cover) to add color, texture, pattern and personalization.

6) Color. Bold or neutral, soft or dramatic, color sets the stage. In an entry, you can often find a space for a unique wall treatment. In this tiny apartment entry, a bold vase, stair runner and scarf hanging on a grand hook, say enough!