Dec 31, 2012

New Years Reflections

As it always is, this is the time of year for reflection and review. Many people make resolutions to do something better, make plans they didn't have time for during the prior year, and work towards a better life in the next one.  2013 will be a special year for everyone. We've started to come out of the economic crisis in the US, the job forecast looks better, we're working harder and smarter at saving our planet while maintaining comfortable life styles, and we made it through the end of the Mayan calendar.  I hope to do my small part as I resolve design and construction dilemmas, problem-solve for sustainability, aging in place, and home health and safety, and find or design interior products that improve your quality of life. 

How, you ask, does that happen; you're an interior designer? When you look around you - at home or not - everything in the built environment was created by design; your house and all the model homes you visit for ideas, a favored Starbucks shop, the health-care clinic, your gym, the layout of your grocery store, your favorite retail shop, and yes, even the interior of your car. When it's a job well-done, everything functions well for many users, is safe, and makes you feel great when you're there.

Some designs are adequate, some aren't. I believe that great design can, and should, be had by everyone.  If you love your living room but hate your kitchen, there is a reason why. Maybe your bathroom is too small but you can't expand and need a solution.  Something isn't quite right in your rooms or you get headaches every time you're home. We, interior designers, provide the solutions to make the built environment perfect.  Call us when you need help with yours. Have a fabulous and safe New Year's Eve!