Oct 9, 2012

Fall decor ideas!

Do you have time to decorate your home for fall? I don't, really, but it's nice to add some touches before I deck the halls for the winter holidays.  My shop carries glass jars and urns that I fill with pine cones, gourds, greenery and more.  Many retail stores carry wonderful textured candles to create centerpieces.

  1. Turn wine glasses into votive holders.
  2. Carve pumpkins and gourds with paisley designs rather than faces. Group into a wicker basket at entries, line up as table center pieces.
  3. Use mum plants in copper, terracotta, or rich ceramic holders.  Add ribbon and tall branches for a more decorative look.
  4. Use apples and pears as candle holders.
  5. Fill glass containers with natural items ...seed pods, dried berries... use your surroundings to guide you.
  6. Use a large pumpkin  - carve just the insides out - as a drink holder for a festive party.
  7. Leaves also make great place-mats. Use - selectively - under candles, plates, around a fall picture on the wall, and as a base for centerpieces.
  8. Hang grapevine wreaths with dried or real flowers on doors, benches, coat stands, and even from shutters!
  9. Place real or flame less candles in glass hurricanes. Use rich hues of burnt orange, deep sage, yellow-orange. Add seed balls, dried leaves, pine cones and other natural findings. 
  10. Use swags of greens on mantles, table tops and long counters with votive candles in glass holders tucked throughout.