May 4, 2012

Designer versus decorator? What?

Although many people use the words interior designer and interior decorator interchangeably, there is a distinct difference. Interior designers go through rigorous training which encompass space planning, application of building codes, product specification, Computer drafting, rendering, construction and fabrication, and much more. In some states, interior designers need to be certified, and to become a member of a professional organization, need to fulfill education, testing, and experience requirements.
Interior decorators are primarily concerned with the aesthetic of a space, while interior designers need to have a thorough understanding of building and safety codes and their specifications and designs must be in compliance with these mandated codes. Designers understand the construction and installation of the project they have designed and have an analytic and problem-solving mind-set.
Both interior designers and interior decorators select furnishings, lighting, and accessories but they differ in that the interior designer has to look beyond the surface. Interior designers select materials based on performance, life-cycle use and maintenance. They have a thorough understanding of a product’s characteristic ensuring its proper application and usage.
Designing good interior spaces can be difficult. There’s a lot to think about; it’s not just about picking pillows and paints.  Interior designers have to think about how the space will be used. Choices have to be made about how to distribute space, determine levels of enclosure, and spatial sequences, to name a few. Decorators can select the flooring and tiles for your new kitchen but Interior Designers will do that and also cover the steps needed to re-design and create drawings showcasing solutions for the space.