Mar 14, 2012


It's spring and styles will be changing in fashion as well as interior design.  Here are some hot trends I have observed from home decor and fashion shows throughout the country:
1.Spirited neon colors from the 1980s are back as bold, bright hues of citron, yellow, hot pink and turquoise are featured everywhere. We've posted that spicy Tangerine Tango was named color of the year, and colors for fall include Pink Flambe, Ultramarine Green and Bright Chartreuse. Using neutrals as your backdrop and adding these dynamic colors in accent pieces, is an ideal way to incorporate them into your home.  Of course,  classic color combinations like black and white are here to stay. 

2. Everything old is new again when it comes to pattern. London's vendors have been featuring fabrics and wall coverings in traditional rose and damask patterns yet with colors that link to current trends. Greek key, chain link and Ikat  are also returning in the present-day color palette. 

3. Sectional sofas are dominating the market and is a direct reflection of the  trend towards 'community'. People want to cocoon more to relax from the fast pace of today's lifestyles. Sectionals are a physical manifestation as they  create a warm, inviting space for your family and friends to gather.

4. Fabrics are soft, and the textures are luxurious. Woven velour, velvet, and ultra suede are being used on major pieces - sofas, sectionals, the dining chairs - to impart comfort and softness to spaces.

5. People are entertaining more in their homes, and want to surround themselves with casual elegance.  Whether that is accomplished through high-end home theater systems or spa-inspired bathrooms, it's a reality. Using classic design principles and elements in these spaces, will make them enduring rather than trendy.

6. Vintage and handmade is king. Reproductions of classic furnishings and aging of new pieces, are prevalent in many retail stores. Many are showing aged oak furniture, and floor merchandisers for modern store incorporate antique elements for an intimately personal touch.

7. Softness abounds in use of pillows, throws and bedding. Rounded, soft sculpture and art is seen everywhere. Bold colors replace delicate patterns, and multiple fabrics are being mixed together to create a custom look.