Mar 15, 2012

5 Elements for a great bathroom.

Looking for some new ideas and products to update your bath? Whether you like ultra-modern or warm traditional spaces, some of these are right for you:

1) Bio-fuel fireplace:  A zero-clearance, eco-friendly fireplace without the need for special ventilation. Ideal for small spaces and a fantastic effect for a bathroom. Place it next to your soak or whirlpool tub. How about as a great feature on an otherwise blank wall?  Our studio has many models and styles.

2) Infinity drain: Regardless of your style, use one of these for drainage and get a sleek look that has many benefits. It's ideal for Universal Design, and any bath remodeled today should incorporate elements from UD for long-term usability and value. Whether you create a no-dam shower or use it for better drainage, you'll love it.

3) Jaclo shower heads: With decorative trim to mimic a light fixture, and light AND water coming from the fixture, what a great way to wake up or relax at night. Gorgeous and eco-friendly! There are several styles to select from so take a look at their product line.

4) Nobel Systems shower products:  Like fine lingerie, what's underneath DOES count.  For a remodel of your shower, this system is easy to use, waterproofs better than hot mopping, has ready-made niches, benches and a infinity drain with a traditional style It's eco-friendly and well-priced compared to the options. From personal experience I highly recommend this line. Installers who use it say that it's faster, more economical, and better for the environment.

5) Artistic Tile that has everything from clean, sleek glass tiles  to elegant, classic patterns in stone. Makes a great visual statement!  Their extensive collection includes dimensional tiles, patterned tile, glamorous tile, and classic tiles with a decorative twist.