Mar 5, 2012

Remodeling Musts

Over the last few years many people have opted to stay put due to fluctuations in the value of their home. When your neighborhood is wonderful, but the size of your home is not, it's also the right time to remodel. People who intend to grow old in their homes should update now so they can live comfortably. Here are a few of the renovation elements that add value to homes and create appeal for the long-term:
A shower meant for all ages, all physical
types, and as attractive as it is safe.

AGING IN PLACE: Included in your remodel should be placing a bedroom on the entry-level of a home, wider doorways that would accommodate a wheelchair, and overall modifications for the older occupants including reducing steps outside and inside. At one time, these designs might have been unattractive but new products, materials and professional interior designer advice makes these seamless with everyday living.

Adding specialty features like drawer
and charging stations are common.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KITCHENS: Great rooms that bring the kitchen and the eating areas together are still popular. More space is preferred so families can have room to sit and spend time together over a meal even if that means having less space to actually prepare the food. Cabinets and shelving are being customized to suit the homeowners' needs and many are favoring pantries or utility rooms. Kitchens are taking on the look of a chef's cooking space with open shelving and islands to help homeowners be able to quickly prepare meals and still mingle with guests and family.

SMART HOMES; Fast-placed people who often work from home find smart homes that are wired and built to handle all of their high-technology needs are essential.  Internet connections, charging stations, automated lighting and security systems and even 'smart' appliances are features to add. Space-saving workstations are a great feature to add. Frequently they are a part of the kitchen, but also. Remodeled homes that feature floor-to-ceiling bookcases and wiring for home offices are increasingly becoming the norm in many homes.

OUTDOOR LIVING: This continues to be a popular trend to bring the outside in. Making the most of living spaces, even those in the garage and outside, is a huge benefit.You should capitalize on all possible livable space by creating outdoor living rooms complete with wiring for entertainment, cooking, and relaxing. Outdoor furniture is also being featured inside as well as outside the home, blending the line between the two.

Be aware that not all remodels add value to your home. The balance of achieving what you like,  and which improvements can potentially increase the sale of your home, can allow you to make smart home improvement choices.