Mar 1, 2012

Kitchen layout ideas for a small space.

Have a small condo, home or apartment and want to maximize your space?  Here are 4 layout ideas to consider.

In-line arrangements are the most cost and space-efficient and are definitely a one-person kitchen. If the layout will be enclosed by a back wall, use the wall for a pegboard or for narrow shelving (depending on space) to compensate for the lack of cabinet storage.

Galley plans, also compact, add a second work center on an opposite wall. Besides adding more work space, this plan allows two people to work simultaneously if the space is wide enough. The open end presents no problem if it leads to a pantry or laundry room, but it invites conflicting traffic if it’s an entrance door.

L-shaped plans offer the most flexibility. They have plenty of easily accessible work surfaces and can be combined with an adjacent island, dining table, or dining area (off either end of the L) for auxiliary preparation space.

U-shaped plans make good use of limited space and have the added benefit of blocking through-traffic. The tradeoff is some loss in flexibility. You can’t, for example, stick a dining table in the middle without blocking the work triangle.

One layout for a small kitchen.