Feb 29, 2012

An avante garde idea for your bed.

A single bold decorating stroke in a  room, whether it's a statement piece of furniture or a courageous color combination, makes a tremendous difference in the aesthetic. When it comes to the bedroom, one way to achieve that to modify the furniture arrangement. 
My approach is to "float" the bed slightly into the room. Positioning the bed away from the wall is bound to feel awkward at first. At first, you may feel the need for the imagined support of a back wall.  Take a look at these ideas for some ideas.

When reading Elle Decor, I came across a picture of a floating bed in decorator Vicente Wolf's lofty New York bedroom. Mr. Wolf, a master furniture arranger, had pulled the bed away from the wall and arranged it on the diagonal. In so doing, the corner had become something unpredictable. With the biggest piece of furniture freed from its expected position, the room became exciting and there were opportunities for other unique design elements.

A more tailored approach, a la decorator David Hicks, would be to create a mini canopy above the bed. By attaching a rectangular-shaped pelmet at the top of the wall or on the ceiling and hanging fabric from it (a piece down the back and one on either side), you create the illusion of a headboard. To DIY, pull a swath of

fabric through a curtain tieback centered above the bed, close to the ceiling, and let the yardage fall on either side.

Another way to banish boring bedroom décor is to use a folding screen as a headboard. Even fabric panels draped from the ceiling can give a wonderful effect. A screen should be about five-feet tall with larger sizes to suit higher ceiling rooms. That screen can can take the place of art or be a place to hang art.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary,  and the bed a place to escape for a few hours. By making it a beautiful focal point, you might even want to share it with someone.