Nov 21, 2011

Marmoleum - a green flooring with lots of appeal.

I’m partial to hard wood flooring and enjoy the warmth and texture of area rugs. Sadly, that’s a deadly combination if you have large dogs (which I do), since the wood scratches from claws while rugs harbor fur. I'm passionate about green design and specify sustainable products for every client. If I had the option to change my flooring, I’d opt for a solution such as Marmoleum Natural Linoleum by Forbo Flooring. This natural product not only repels dust, it’s inherently anti-microbial too.

Beyond the high green quotient and excellent durability, Marmoleum is easy to install as well—especially if you opt for the Marmoleum Click Line of Modular Floor Tiles. But I’m getting ahead of myself, for it first behooves me to explain that Marmoleum is a floating floor constructed entirely of natural materials—the somewhat unlikely suspects of linseed oil, wood flour, and pine rosins.

Before you say you didn’t know you could grind wood into flour, Forbo has a response: this principal material is essentially scrap—sawdust collected from other lumber processing operations that’s further refined until it resembles the consistency of flour. The rest of the recipe involves the miraculous linseed oil, which provides structural strength (it continues to harden over time) as well the natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties mentioned above.

Marmoleum is thus an excellent new flooring alternative. Unlike traditional linoleum, Marmoleum does not off-gas harmful VOCs; nor does it require energy intensive extractive properties to manufacture. But like linoleum, it has extraordinary pigment absorption, so it’s available in a huge variety of vibrant colors and innovative styles. In sum, Marmoleum is natural, sustainable, biodegradable, anti-static, anti-bacterial, dust-free, easy-to-clean, and texturally appealing. The product also has excellent thermal properties, so it’s a good choice for radiant floor heat systems.

And as for Marmoleum Click? This latest addition to the Marmoleum line makes for easy installation via a simple tongue and groove system. The tiles simply snap together atop the silent cork-based backing. No glue is required and the floor can be walked on immediately after installation.