Oct 5, 2011

Warm up your rooms for fall.

With the coming of cold weather and early darkness to contend with, fall is a great time to add color, light, and softness to your rooms. Take a look at these generic items and how similar ones are used in this photo. Don't forget your bath and bedroom....these items work beautifully there as well.

 1) Cashmere, wool or woven throw. To warm you as you read or watch TV, a bold color adds instant warmth to a room. Whether you select textured or smooth, natural fibers or acrylics, a throw (or two) at a great price will add just the right touch.

2) Blue and white. Classic in style and color, blue and white urns, vases, and other accessories add function and aesthetics to any room.  Add flowers for bold color and a touch of spring, store your remote controls, coasters and other items in a lidded urn, set a large piece by the fireplace for matches and kindling, and enjoy the results. 

3) Baskets and trays. Add a wooden or woven tray to place candles, books, nick-knacks and other items on. They gather items together for a neat appearance, keep wax from spilling onto furniture, and add a great architectural element. Woven baskets are great for storage and absolutely add a spring-like feel. You can opt for a heavily textured weave for a casual appearance, or find a sleek weave for an elegant one. Bring them outdoors in summer for year-round use.

4) Hurricane and lantern candle holders. Available in many sizes, color and shapes, you can find the right style for you. Whether you opt for a silvered mercury - classic and elegant - or clear glass with a metal rim, you'll add safety and function to using candles.  Opt for flame less candles.  Not your style? Try a table lamp in a unique finish or shape.

5) Area rugs. The fastest way to physically and visually add warmth to a room is with an area rug. There are nearly limitless selections for every style room, with natural and man-made fibers, and machine and hand loomed options to fit your budget.  Keep the color neutral for year-round use, or add a bold color or pattern for seasonal appeal.