Oct 4, 2011

Award winning shower panel for bath retrofits!

One of only eight products to win awards at the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Lustrolite acrylic shower panels really do shine.  The super high gloss decorative panels get their intense glow from a unique blend of polymers and technology that delivers high quality and high performance. Easy to install and stronger than glass, Lustrolite offers a fabulous new option for shower and bath design.

Lustrolite acrylic shower panel. Manufactured by EGR.

Lustrolite is faster to install than traditional tile, since there is no grouting and the surface can be drilled or cut with normal woodworking tools. It also has the benefit of being able to be installed over new or existing wall finishes. After installation, Lustrolite offers lots of benefits. The material doesn’t scratch, warp, stain or discolor; it is easy to clean with warm water and a soft micro-fiber cloth (without strong chemicals); and it does not harbor mold, soap, or calcium build-up.

Lustrolite acrylic shower panel. Manufactured by EGR.

Available in Artic, Ivory, Blue Atol, Mocha, Glacier, and Carbon, Lustrolite adds an intense burst of shine and color to any bath. The acrylic is much shinier than other polymers, with a glass-like depth of color.
Lustrolite acrylic shower panel. Manufactured by EGR.

Founded in 1973, EGR Group is from Brisbane, Australia and manufactures acrylics and plastics for various
 industrial and design markets.