Oct 14, 2011

5 Products to use in your 2012 remodel.

Thinking of a remodel next year?  Here are some product ideas to consider when updating your home. When you desire design flexibility, cost efficiency, durability and function, these products certainly fit the bill.  You'll save energy, money, and possibly even get tax credits for their use.

Solid surface counters and porcelain floors in traditional kitchen.
Porcelain tile and solid surfaces in a modern bath.
1- Tankless water heaterRegardless of the brand, you will save energy and water usage over conventional tank units when you use a tankless system. Since purchase costs are significantly lower than even a year ago, you can expect to see immediate energy and water savings and payback of the purchase and installation cost over time. For best results know HOW they work, use a re-circulating pump as needed, and consider the gallons per minute required to get the right size.

2- Energy efficient windows. Replace old windows and doors with those listed as ENERGY STAR and/or tax credit qualified.

3- Porcelain tile. With the huge variety in scale, pattern and texture, and multiple installation and maintenance benefits, porcelain tile is a tremendous asset when considering surfaces for a remodel or new home. It's a far superior product in terms of value, durability, color and design than ceramic or stone. 

4-Solid surfaces. Many people think of granite as the 'best' counter top surface; it's not. With the beauty, sustainability, and design options in surfaces like Silestone, Caesarstone, and other solid surfaces you should consider using them when updating your kitchen and bath. 

5- Noble Shower system Do away with hot-mopping and toxic chemicals. Create level, waterproof walls and floor slopes in minutes. No need to create a niche or bench with their pre-made (from recycled materials) sizes and forms.