Jun 4, 2011

why should you use an interior designer?

The value of using a professional interior designer much more than just aesthetics. When you make a decision to remodel or update your home, and bring in a designer, it WILL change your life in the best ways.
When asked how I add value for clients, I have many replies. For kitchen and bath remodels I add improved function, better products, timelessness and ideas that make using those rooms far better than a client imagined.  In home updates, I provide the creativity and products to reflect the client's personality. Ideas on re-purposing existing pieces saves them money, and selecting furnishings and fabrics they could not have chosen makes me a life-style advocate. 
For many clients, the right color on their walls is a gift...adding a faux effect or architectural details to make each room flow into the next is priceless. I've rescued clients from bad furniture purchases, the "nightmare" they lived through with a bad contractor, the poor selections of  floor coverings and paint colors that they made, and throwing their hands up with a poorly designed kitchen or bath.  
When want to you love the results, have a budget, and want a style that is YOU, the decision to hire a designer is always right.  DO IT RIGHT!   Instead of being expensive you can nail your budget.   

A dramatic before and after.