Jun 3, 2011

Using candles to create ambiance.

There are many ways to use candles to create a soft and relaxing ambiance in your home. Since summer is here, using candles in your home to supplement longer daylight hours is both energy conscious and elegant. Safety is paramount so use glass hurricanes and globes to protect that flickering flame! With the variety of flame-less candles available, you don't even need to use a match.

  1. A great candle-scape on a table in a room that you will USE and see often. Vary the heights for interest and even change colors. Textured candles are more interesting so include some.
  2. Hanging candles in a true candelabra creates tons of ambiance when dining. Can't do it indoors? Use an iron fixture made for outdoor use or un-wire a garage sale find and install holders for candles.
  3. Old tea cups make great candles for bedside, tables and outdoors. Many craft stores sell wicks and kits...or use old candle wax and find an on line tutorial.  
  4. Baths are a safe and elegant place for using candles.  Showering or bathing by candlelight is relaxing and romantic. Vary the placement, size and heights of your candles but do keep them similar in color so the light and not the candle is a focal point.
  5. Traditional wall sconces were meant to hold candles.  Here, is a great place for flame-less unless you have glass hurricanes for safety.
Here are some images to inspire you.