Jun 13, 2011

Part one - Ten Ideas for updating your decor.

We all like to make changes to our homes and apartments. It grounds us, gives us new perspective, and the changes we make are pleasing. Try a few of these ideas to change your decor.

1) Change your bed. A dramatic change to a bedroom is to add a headboard (see Blog 5/30/11 for ideas) for storage, interest and an architectural element.  It creates a great focal point, can be a place to use a new fabric in the room, and changes the feel of the space.

2) Re-arrange your art. We love to see personal collections but when you group styles and colors together, it creates a dramatic focal point. Have lots of family photos? Keep the colored prints in one area and the black and whites in another. Similar frames work to create continuity; it enables a gallery feel which is elegant yet enjoyable.

3) Add some elegance. When sprucing up a room, adding a bit of elegance can dress up the space and often highlight the style you have. Bring in an orchid plant for a large console or the coffee table. Have a great old bowl? Plant it there, allowing for plenty of drainage with gravel or decorative stones. A great candelabra can dress up a table or counter-top. Try a lace table runner on the kitchen table in a country home or a textured linen for a traditional space.

4) Bring in light. Add a great mirror to an entry, hallway, over a chest or dresser, and swap out a flat glued-to the-wall bath mirror with a framed one. This small change can have a huge impact.

5) Warm up the windows. Have drapes already? Add an organic feel with a natural woven blind. They can be elegant, casual and are wonderful to filter light. Change out your blinds to Roman Shades. It adds fabric, softness and an entirely new look.  Love your blinds? Add a great solid silk panel. Dupioni is not expensive, adds great texture and warms the windows instantly. 

6) Neutralize your fabrics. I love to see variations in prints, scale and colors but to create a real change, try a neutral look. Remove the print pillows and use textured ones in the colors of your sofa fabrics. Swap out colored pillows from your bed for all white. If you cannot tolerate solid colors, try stripes and dots, but keep them all in the same color palette. This bedroom was blue, green and beige and the change to blue was easy and dramatic.

7) Update your bedside. Get rid of the clutter and create an elegant, restful vignette. Store those books and magazines in a lidded wicker or printed paper box. It can tuck under the bed or nightstand for a clean look. Add a small plant - real is best - like an orchid, jade plant or small philodendron that is easy care and attractive. Stash your jewelry and other objects in a small box. 

8) Add some sparkle. In almost any style home, there is a place for some crystal beads, a pair of glimmering silver candlesticks, and even a collection of mercury vases. Try adding crystal votive holders, a collection of sparkling gemstone rocks, and even an assortment of glass jars filled with found objects. 

9) Dress up your coffee table. A great room opener and furniture reviver is to add glass or a mirrored panel to the center. It creates an entirely new look.

10) De-clutter. Rather than having the things you drop onto the kitchen counter, dresser top or entry console on display, collect them in a basket, tray, bowl, or other container that makes them easy to reach and more attractive to behold. Keeping mail and newspapers in a box or basket makes them easy to gather and transport to your office or reading chair, and contains them nicely.